Research On The Affect Of Social Media Brief Video Marketing On Client Model Attitude 2023

Updated: November 11, 2023

As offered in Table 5, the factor loading values are larger than 0.7 in respect of customer satisfaction, perceived value, experience, loyalty, and quick video content material, which exhibits that the questionnaire gadgets are extremely consultant for variables. Besides, for every variable, the worth of AVE is higher than 0.5, and that of composite reliability is greater than 0.7. Therefore, the mannequin has good internal consistency and convergent validity. Based on the literature evaluate above and the precise scenario, a model for the influencing components of repurchase intention on short video platforms is constructed based on the shopper worth concept. As proven in Fig 1, this model contains five explanatory/independent variables and one outcome/dependent variable . Due to group psychology, the opinion leaders of quick videos will affect customers’ consumption choices and attitudes, thus igniting their enthusiasm for purchasing.

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Local remedy respondents are prepared to pay more, averaged at 44.seventy one Yuan in contrast with their control respondents at 31.fifty seven Yuan. In contrast, foreign therapy respondents are not willing to pay greater than their control counterparts, with respective mean values at fifty two.00 and fifty seven.31 Yuan. Digital technology has considerably changed the finest way to access and devour information.

1 Short Video Storytelling On Belief And Meat High Quality Perception

To some extent, clients can store in a extra dynamic and convenient way via brief video consumption. Therefore, an enterprise shall provide priceless product information whereas interacting with its clients via short videos. Besides, this enterprise may help clients clear up any downside of high quality and usage in the same method, thereby enhancing buyer satisfaction and strengthening the repurchase intention.

video marketing journal

The management and remedy teams comprise 48 and 28 local respondents and 14 and 13 foreign respondents respectively. Most native and all international respondents in the control and therapy teams were from the 4 metropolitan cities. Over 60% local and foreign respondents in both the management and treatment groups have school or equal skills, bachelor’s diploma, or master’s degree. This study explores how music industry and customers perceive marketing actions in social media.

D Video Marketing Statistics For Entrepreneurs And Companies

In different words, Chinese consumers not only have a choice for secure and healthy products, but in addition are eager to know extra about product-related data and the story behind the merchandise themselves which is referred to as ‘food provenance’ . However, food provenance communications with Chinese consumers are challenged by persistent meals fraud incidents, similar to adulteration, counterfeiting and misrepresentation of meals merchandise, which have disrupted the trust stage amongst Chinese shoppers . Nevertheless, videos themselves, as a content or a method for advertising on social media are emerging all of the more. While only 27% of video marketers contemplate sales as a measurement of success, 81% report that video marketing has improved their company’s backside line — meaning that videos may have a positive influence even when the focus remains on other metrics.

With the continual growth of 5G network, the cellular internet industry has undergone earth-shaking changes within the “era of short video” dominated by visible communication. As indicated within the 47th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China revealed by CNNIC, by December 2020, the variety of online videos customers has reached 927 million, accounting for 93.7% of all netizens. Thereinto, the number of quick video users has reached 873 million, accounting for 88.3% of netizens . As the mobile internet develops rapidly, a giant quantity of brief video platforms have emerged, corresponding to Tik Tok, Kwai, Pear Video, and MiaoPai.

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To this end, enterprises shall enhance their services and assets and provide prospects with high-quality products or services, thus sustaining such value. To ascertain food quality notion, the research examined whether Chinese customers perceive Australian beef merchandise minimize and packed in Australia to be superior to these processed in China. The WTP was measured with an anchor worth of a hundred and fifty g of Australian portion reduce and packaged Sirloin steak that was set at 90 Yuan close to the retail price from a web-based retail platform A consumer’s intention to pay additional was measured by three categorical variables ‘yes,’ ‘no’ and ‘not sure.’ The ‘WTP more’ variable was captured by asking how rather more the patron was keen to pay. Digital storytelling refers to the method of using digital tools to inform tales, and retailer and change those tales on websites and social media networks in the Internet period . The development of digital tools, such as smartphones, location applied sciences and multimedia content platforms has significantly facilitated the production and distribution of digital storytelling .

First, our examine is exploratory in nature with a relatively small pattern of 103 customers situated in 4 metropolitan cities in China, which may result in biased results. Accordingly, further research is required so as to produce findings generalisable to a broader context. Additionally, comparative research taking a glance at potential variations in shopper perceptions relying on residency in different Chinese metropolis tiers might ship fascinating outcomes .

video marketing journal

Short videos, which is often a few seconds long, could be shot and edited on cellular terminals, after which shared promptly on social platforms. Zhang Haitao et al. outlined it as fragmented leisure featured with a low creation threshold and high sociability . Along with the recognition of this mode of leisure, video contents are increasingly diversified. Peng Lan , indicated that such contents, containing people-oriented feelings and heat life, can carry forward the folk culture . As acknowledged in 2020 China Research Report on Internet Audio-Visual Development, the number of brief video customers, which are dominated by the “post-80s” and “post-90s”, has reached 818 million, almost accounting for 90% of all netizens.

video marketing journal

With sooner internet speeds and growing access to good gadgets, it’s expected that demand for video content material will carry on increasing. The estimated viewership of video content in the US for 2020 was 244.4 million, and in 2022, this quantity is anticipated to increase. Big numbers like this prove that demand for participating online video content is ever growing.

video marketing journal

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